#GetOutThere Guide: Heaphy Track, New Zealand

Are you ready to get lost in the beauty of New Zealand’s wilderness?

New Zealand is known for its incredible beauty and endless opportunities for adventure. If you are looking for some inspiration, look no further than the Great Walks. New Zealand has nine Great Walks, including the Whanganui River, which we covered in ambassador Leslie’s #GetOutThere Guide to the Whanganui River. This week we are checking out another Great Walk with Leslie, the Heaphy Track. 


The Heaphy Track

At 78.4km the Heaphy Track is the longest of the Great Walks. Usually done in 4-5 days, it is a one way track that can be started at either end. Most folks start from the Collingwood side (Brown Hut), since it’s nice to end your journey at the ocean (Heaphy Hut). To get back to your car, you will need to arrange transportation ahead of time and there are car relocation services available, or you can try hitchhiking back to your vehicle. Between May 1st and September 30th, the track can be done on a mountain bike. The New Zealand Department of Conservation has a in-depth brochure – – after reading this insider guide to highlights of the Heaphy Track, be sure to check it out.


The Track

New Zealand is called “the land of contrast” for a reason. No two days are ever the same. This is evident on the Heaphy as the landscape changes frequently. If you start from the Collingwood side (Brown Hut) your first day will have you climbing up to the highest point on the track, surrounded by Beech trees.  You’ll then cross through Tussocklands and mossy covered forest for the next few days before descending in elevation to walk alongside the ocean. Tussocklands on the track can be eerie but beautiful! 

Keep in mind that New Zealand has a constantly changing climate. Please be prepared for all weather. Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back.

Gouland Downs (photo Mark Watkins)

Gouland Downs – Photo Mark Watkins.


Mt Perry is a great side trip on a nice day. Just past the Perry Saddle hut scramble up to the top, where you are rewarded with 360 degree views!

On top of Mt. Perry. Photo by MI OLA Brand Ambassador Leslie @lesnorberg

On top of Mt. Perry. Photo by MI OLA Brand Ambassador Leslie @lesnorberg


There is a part of the track known as the “enchanted forest”, given its name because of its moss covered beech trees. It is also home to limestone outcrops and caves.

A spot of spelunking. Photo Mark Watkins.

A cave in the “enchanted forest”. Photo Mark Watkins.


Swinging bridges are a common sight when hiking in New Zealand. The Heaphy definitely has its fair share.

View from a swinging bridge. Photo by MI OLA brand ambassador Leslie @lesnorberg.


The New Zealand Hut System

One of the perks of hiking in New Zealand is the amazing hut system. There are over 950 huts scattered around New Zealand. These are all managed by the New Zealand Department of Conservation. Most of the Great Walks huts are fully equipped with gas stoves, toilets, running water, lights, heating and bunk beds. Check out the DOC (Department of Conservation) website for more information and fees.

If huts aren’t for you, there are camping areas near each hut along the track. Just know, that if you choose to camp, you are not allowed to use the hut facilities and will need to bring your own cooking equipment.
You need to book your spot in the hut or campsite well in advance (use the DOC website). Campsites and huts are extremely busy during the summer season (December – February).

Brand Ambassador Leslie @lesnorberg Walking to Saxon Hut. Photo Mark Watkins.

Brand Ambassador Leslie @lesnorberg Walking to Saxon Hut. Photo Mark Watkins.


What to Bring:


  • Well fitting 40L pack (you may want something larger or smaller depending on how you pack)
  • Waterproof pack liner
  • Sleeping bag (3 season)
  • First Aid kit
  • Water Bottle
  • Utensil and bowl (huts have pots to cook with)
  • Matches / Lighter (the huts have gas stoves but you will need a lighter/match to light them)
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer)
  • SUNSCREEN! Wear it everyday even when it’s cloudy!
  • Headlamp and spare batteries
  • Bag for your garbage (pack in pack out, leave no trace!)
  • Hut/tent booking confirmation and ID
  • Earplugs (I highly recommend these! For the communal bunk rooms in the huts.)


  • You will need (minimum) one set of clothes to walk in and one set for camp. Make sure you always have a dry set of clothes to change into at night!
  • Boots or sturdy sneakers (broken in!)
  • Wool/synthetic socks. No cotton.
  • Quick Dry shorts or pants (whatever you prefer to hike in)
  • Sun shirt/long sleeve quick dry shirt (protect your skin from the strong UV rays!)
  • Long underwear top and bottom (wool or synthetic)
  • Midlayers (lightweight fleece top and bottoms)
  • Raincoat and rain pants
  • Warm hat
  • Sunhat and sunglasses
  • Spare socks and undies
  • MI OLA Bikini (There is a cold pool near Perry Saddle Hut & swimming near the Heaphy Hut in the river)

If Camping:

  • Tent
  • Sleeping pad
  • Stove, gas, pot


  • Journal
  • Cards
  • Camera


Native Wildlife

The Heaphy Track is home to many of New Zealand’s Native birds like the Great Spotted Kiwi and the Weka. The Kiwis are plentiful on the West Coast – – you might not get to see one, but you may hear them at night.


You will definitely see Weka near the huts. They are very accustomed to hikers and are pretty cheeky. Make sure everything you care about is packed away, or else you will see one of these birds running off with your belongings.


Keep your eyes on the trail to spot one of largest carnivorous land snails or Powelliphanta, they are native to New Zealand and can be up to 90mm (3.5 inches) across.



Websites & Resources:

Check out the book From Weta to Kauri. Its an excellent resource for anyone traveling to NZ who wants to know more about the local flora and fauna. It’s a personal favorite as it is concise and easy to read. Also be sure to check out the New Zealand Department of Conservation brochure for Heaphy Track..



Guide to Wanderlust

If you are a practicing yogi, you probably have heard of Wanderlust, a festival series celebrating all things yoga.  Wanderlust is an amazing experience that can help you further your yoga practice, learn from new teachers, meet other awesome people, listen to great music, and eat healthy food, all while in one fantastic location.

This past February, MI OLA Brand Ambassador Lauren @rock3roll attended Wanderlust in Oahu and had a great time.  Lauren gave us some tips to make the most of your experience while attending Wanderlust.

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 4.09.54 PM

Photo by MI OLA Brand Ambassador Lauren – @rock3roll

Wanderlust is an incredible ride of yoga, community, and out-of-this-world fun! If you’re considering attending the festival this year (which you absolutely should), here is my guide to an Epic Wanderlust Weekend!

Make Friends. I’ve attended three festivals now, and each of them I’ve rode solo! I’ve met countless new best friends just by pulling my mat up to a stranger, or jumping into a spontaneous Acro yoga-session. Wanderlust is all about community; be playful!

MI OLA Brand Ambassador Lauren @rock3roll at Wanderlust

Photo by MI OLA Brand Ambassador Lauren – @rock3roll

Camp. Camping is absolutely the way to go when attending Wanderlust. Not only is it the inexpensive option for lodging, it’s also the best way to meet people. Never camped solo before? I was the same way when I first started. And now I’m hooked…

MI OLA Brand Ambassador Lauren @rock3roll at Wanderlust

Photo by MI OLA Brand Ambassador Lauren – @rock3roll


Try New Things. See something on the schedule that sounds a little out there? DO IT. Whether it be SUP yoga, a mystical meditation, or a crazy hike, GO FOR IT. This is your chance to take full advantage of four days of risk taking, big and small!

Pack Right. MI OLA Bikinis, MI OLA Bikinis, Leggings, and more MI OLA Bikinis!

(Note from Chief Bikini Officer Helena – We love this recommendation… but also check the forecast for your area.  For instance, if you’re going to the festival in Snowshoe, West Virginia, maybe also pack some shirts, a light jacket and some shoes too. :-) )

MI OLA Brand Ambassador Lauren @rock3roll at Wanderlust

Photo by MI OLA Brand Ambassador Lauren – @rock3roll

Protection. You’re spending 99.9% of your time outside and in the raging sun. Protect that skin you’re in and slather on protection all. day. long. Headed to a festival in the mountains? Bring that mosquito spray! Be sure to check out MI OLA’s favorite products and accessories to help keep you safe in the sun!

Hair Play Wanderlust Hack! Make sure to keep your tresses nice and clean, or bring along some dry shampoo. Aveda is a big sponsor this year at Wanderlust, and will be providing on-point braids all weekend long. Didn’t get in for an appointment on your schedule? It doesn’t matter. Walk-ins are welcome!

MI OLA Brand Ambassador Lauren @rock3roll at Wanderlust

Photo by MI OLA Brand Ambassador Lauren – @rock3roll


Let it Flow… You are in for an epic escape! Unplug, take lots of pictures, meet new friends, spend time alone wandering, and sleep under the stars. You’re in for one amazing experience.


Sunset at Wanderlust

Photo by MI OLA Brand Ambassador Lauren – @rock3roll


Lauren @Rock3Roll

P.S. If you are planning on a Wanderlust trip, be sure to use “solshineyoga” for 10% off your Wanderlust ticket! Thank you to our Brand Ambassador Amanda (@mermanda_) – her yoga studio Sol Shine Yoga in Marathon, Florida is a Wanderlust studio.


Interested in joining the MI OLA Ambassador Program?

Know of anyone who should #GetOutThere with us?

Shoot us an email at info@MI-OLA.com



Happy Earth Day!

earth day 1Happy EARTH Day from MI OLA WORLD!

Today is Earth Day – an annual global day to celebrate our world and focus on protecting it!   This year, Earth Day is particularly historic.  We are hoping today will mark the day that the Paris Agreement is signed by over 120 countries, showing real progress in the fight against global warming.  However, while we wait on this legislation, MI OLA WORLD is taking our own steps each day to reduce, reuse, recycle, replenish and restore.

What are you doing today to #GetOutThere and save the earth? 

At MI OLA, as outdoor enthusiasts, we are mindful of our environment.  We literally immerse ourselves every day in the oceans, rivers and lakes around the world, so we want to keep them clean and healthy.  Our sisterhood makes every effort to make a difference where we can.  We recycle. Some of us bike everywhere. Others only eat organic. We pack in, pack it out.  Many of us use animal free sun care products to play in our waters.

Surfing turned MI OLA CEO Helena – @helenamania – into a bit of a hippie.   She transports her surfboard in a recycled surfboard bag.  She LOVES to compost – which has reduced her kitchen trash to almost 0.  Whether she’s in Costa Rica or NYC, she’s got veggies and fruits growing outside for her family.  And, with MI OLA, she has created a company that makes long lasting swimwear (not disposable!) which chooses environmentally friendly options – like using biodegradable bags made of recycled materials in our packaging.

recycled surfboard bag by Rareform

Re-purposed surfboard bag from Rareform

MI OLA Team Rider Kristen – @sambatothesea loves to cruise to the beach with her 9’4″ longboard with the help of some pretty awesome surf racks. No driving with toxic emissions for her.  She loves the convenience of a bike plus the instant cardio warm up peddling to the beach!

More than 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills and incinerators every day. Breaking it down, if one person were to only drink bottled water per the suggested water intake, that means 21, 8oz bottles a week and over 1,000 in a year! Shocking how it adds up, and this is only one person. MI OLA social media guru Melinda – @melinskw does her bit by using a stainless steel re-ususable water bottle by Klean Kanteen vs a plastic throw away bottle.

Photo by Klean Kanteen

Photo by Klean Kanteen

MI OLA Team Creative Myra – @myragonzalez likes to walk, hike and kayak. She makes a difference by cleaning up other people’s trash. Floating bottles in our waters, tin cans rusting into nature’s finest scenery, picnic goer leftovers?  Into the spare garbage bag they go.  Imagine what our planet would be like if everyone did this?

Myra Garden

Photo by MI OLA Team Creative Myra Gonzalez

The worse offender for Myra are ‘Witches Knickers.” In England, a term for plastic grocery bags that stick & choke tree branches until they slowly disintegrate. Yep ladies these are not crows. Instead 2 bags that have been stuck in my tree for 3 years.   They stay put even when the weather is at it’s worse.  Not even 90-MPH winds take these bad boys down.


All these little things add up to help keep us in the green. So next time you #GetOutThere in your MI OLA BIKINI think how else you can contribute to help regenerate this beautiful planet.

earth day 2

Interested in joining the MI OLA Ambassador Program?
Know of anyone who should #GetOutThere with us?
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Thank you Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue!!!

Kate Bock was photographed by Ben Watts in Malta

Kate Bock photographed by Ben Watts in Malta for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2016

We are so Proud to #GetOutThere in


(Kate’s wearing MI OLA Striped Boyshorts.)

Kate Bock photographed by  Ben Watts in Malta for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2016

Kate Bock photographed by Ben Watts in Malta for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2016

Sports Illustrated MI OLA

Kate Bock photographed by Ben Watts in Malta for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2016

Here’s a behind the scenes video with the gorgeous Kate Bock!

A Massive Thank You from all of us at MI OLA.


#GetOutThere with MI OLA



What an awesome year it has been! We are definitely leaving 2015 on a high and are looking ahead to an even better 2016.

2015 Highlights

We’re so proud to have achieved our sales goals for the year… but even more important to us are your emails letting us know how we’re doing:

“I’ve never had such a great fitting bikini!”
“It’s MI OLA or nothing for me, from now on.”
“I’m amazed by your product and customer service.”
“The girls are looking good in MI OLA.”


MI OLA Ambassador @babeinthewaves

We’re grateful to every customer for coming along this path with us.  And for telling us where we’re doing well and where we must improve. We would be nowhere without you.

Thank you to everyone that was able to help make it happen for us. We love to work with inspirational cheerleaders like you.

CHEELEADING @bvalorosi

MI OLA Ambassador @bvalorosi

And now 2016

2016 is here.   WHAT!?!  The launch of another year where MI OLA strives to help you #getoutthere and make your beach lives better.

Another transition.  We welcome the responsibilities and adventure 2016 will bring for more chances of success and prosperity.


MI OLA Ambassador @insta_susi and @kof_clothing

Another year to salute the sun and say THANK YOU for the motivation, balance and creativity you give rise to in me.

Salute the sun @bvalorosi

MI OLA Ambassador @bvalorosi

As always MI OLA will continue to rock out striking, premium swimwear for active women. We are cooking up great newprints, new styles and ideas inspired by YOU!

In 2016, we will grow the MI OLA Ambassador Program as develop it with our women. We have a sea of new ideas and exciting opportunities to offer existing and new ambassadors.



The MI OLA New Year brings more empowerment to women who want to create waves in the water, kick up the sand, run up hills, climb mountains, hike across valleys and sparkle in cities around the world.

We promise to make your itinerary with MI OLA a satisfying, exciting and enriching one.

So, let’s raise a toast to yesterday’s achievements and to the future movement of MI OLA, our team, ambassadors, athletes, influencers, supporters and followers!

May the new beginnings of 2016 continue to deliver a wave of success, health, prosperity and happiness to us all!!


Photo by @lexweinstein

Helena & The MI OLA Team


All We Want For Christmas…

Dear Santa,

We promise that we have been good…

If you define good as charging waves and tucking into barrels, saluting the sun and standing on our heads, hiking up mountains and mountain biking down them, getting sweaty and a tad bit dirty, all while our MI OLA suits keep up with us.

But we need your Christmas love to help us continue to #GetOutThere, as well as keep us feeling good. So sweet, generous Santa here is the MI OLA Christmas Wish List, with help from our ambassadors,  the MI OLA team, and influencers: Jill Wanless, Deputy Editor of HELLO! Fashion Monthly  and one of our favorite #getoutthere adventurers, Chelsea Yamase.

All we want for Christmas is:

Gifts under $50

All Washed Up – brings us a badass, locally made Stamped Beaded Bar Necklace.  – Adrienne Kina.


Natural zinc from Surf Mud –  So I can stay out in the sun (& sea!) longer on Christmas day – it’s not a true Australian Christmas unless you go to the beach!  Ellen Moon.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 1.53.13 PM

Avasol Sunscreen – A FAV and good for the environment.  – Influencer, Chelsea Yamase

avasol sunscreen

Frank Body coffee scrubs  A simple coffee scrub, equal parts dirty and loving, mostly humble and naturally derived.  – Susi Brunvaer.

Aquarian Soul Sunstone & Citrine Radiance Oil –   This is fab stuff when summer’s gone away. It’s a moisturizing,  pigmented body oil (not a self-tanner) giving my skin a subtle sheen with glowy, dewy highlights.  – Myra Gonzalez.

Myra Under $50

Le Vernis in No.29 Rose Divin, Givenchy Nail Polish – What a great color to remind us summer will be back.  – Deputy Editor, HELLO! Fashion Monthly and Influencer, Jill Wanless.


Hydroflask  – Coffee and tea lovers keep your beverages hot (or cold) for hours while you ease in and rev up your day.  – Meredith Drangin.

HydroflaskSurfrider Foundation, Nature Conservancy and World Wildlife Fund.  I am always a fan of giving something that gives back. I love when I get donations in my name to nonprofits that work so hard to keep our ocean and planet clean.   Kate Ditloff.



Gifts under $200

Grand Trunk Roatan Hammock from Urban Outfitters – Super fun for your backyard or for shorter day hikes.  – Influencer,  Chelsea Yamase.


Kate Davis Jewelry –  Unique and stylish jewelry inspired by scuba diving, marine biology and an intense love of all things ocean.  – Ashley Averill.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 3.00.11 PM

The Lorelei Maillot one-piece in Pescadito from MI OLA!!!   Susi Brunvaer.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 1.30.04 PM

A Go-Pro! – Yep! Go be HEROine.  – Catherine Marquis & Elena Pressprich


Glassy Zone – I’ve been dying to get my hands on this amazing wave tracker. It’s not been released yet but it looks amazing, totally wearable and what is cooler than real-time data on how you are surfing?! Oh and it doesn’t just track waves, it keeps up with your fitness and your sleep so you can make sure you are happy and healthy, which is vital in being a MI OLA girl!  Kate Ditloff.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 2.50.03 PM

It’s Just a Ride, and the APN Longboard is built for it. I LOVE this hand-made waterski shaped deck, inspired by the 70’s skate scene. Cruisers  come in 43″, 45″ and 53″.  – Myra Gonzalez.


This leather pouf  is  an amazing addition to my  bikini obsessed beach life in Costa Rica.  I have it in white, light natural leather and gold.   The gift that keeps on giving…it works with my NY living too.  So comfy! And you can get a great deal from Overstock.com.  – Helena, Founder & Chief Bikini Officer, MI OLA.


Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 bluetooth speaker.  – Meredith Drangin.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 2.20.27 PM


Our Dream Wish List

A Women’s Only Surf Trip  –  I learned to surf at a women’s surf camp and some of my best friends I met on this journey.   What surf camp do I particularly love?  Witch’s Rock Surf Camp.  And they are launching Women’s Surf Retreats, starting in January.  If you’re resolved to make 2016  even better than 2015, this is a great way to kick off your year!  – Helena, Founder & Chief Bikini Officer, MI OLA

Women's only surf retreat

Two nights at Qualia Resort in the Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia. Paradise! Ellen Moon.


Peace of Paradise Retreat by Solshine Yoga Studio!  Discover the best of the Island life with this adventurous SUP Yoga retreat.  Spend 5 days and 4 nights soaking up the sunshine and salt water. The retreat includes Yoga classes, creative self-expression workshops, SUP Fitness, SUP Yoga, and all of your fresh, organic, local meals prepared in house every day.   – Amanda Minton.


The MALDIVES was popular for our dream list. So MI OLA left it up to our influencers to round it up.

  • A Surf trip to the Maldives.  Crystal clear water, fun waves, diving, fishing, bungalow on the water.. le sigh.  Influencer,  Chelsea Yamase.


  • A Long weekend at Club Med Spa, Finolhu Villas, Maldives.  What an amazing way to relax after a tough day at the shore.  Eco-Friendly villas located on a jewel-like lagoon, on a private island.  – Influencer – Jill Wanless.

Club Med

Here’s an escape to a tropical paradise – where you come back feeling even fitter and more relaxed than when you left.  At  Just Add Water, a SUPYoga retreat in Puerto Rico, you take part in daily  yoga twice a day, everyday runs or fitness walks, organic meals prepared by a local chef, massages, relaxation and more.  It’s all led by Jessica Bellofatto, a momma of three, yogini, surfer, triathlete, avid stand up paddle boarder, SUP racer, and one of the pioneers of SUP YOGA. 


So there you have it, Mr. Clause!  We’d be happy with any tiny little thing on this list…. or, if it can happen, world peace, safety and resources for everyone.

We’d make that trade in a minute.

Happy Holidays!


Why Yoga Helps Your Surfing

Yoga, yoga, yoga. Over the past few decades, yoga has taken the Western world by storm. If you don’t practice yoga, you most likely know at least one dedicated yogi.

We bet at least one friend has probably suggested you go try a class. A good idea, right? But let’s guess why you may not be so sure…   A) I’m not flexible enough to do yoga, B) I’m not that type of yogi-zenned person, C) yoga is too slow temp for me, or D) I don’t know where to start.

Our MI OLA mermaids got news for you. At first they were skeptical of yoga too! But after seeing the physical AND mental benefits after only a few classes, they kept on going back for more. You already know yoga is about stretching and strengthening, some slow but others will leave you sweating.  Who doesn’t need that?

Not convinced? How about this?
– MI OLA team rider Kristen was a college basketball player who was used to very physical and uptempo sports and never, EVER thought she would enjoy practicing yoga. Last year she completed her 200 hour teacher training.


MI OLA team rider Kristen, @sambatothesea


MI OLA team rider Kristen, @sambatothesea

– This week’s blog contributor Emily Shoemaker could not even touch her toes before she started practicing yoga – and look at her now! She started practicing when a friend influenced her to try a class and she soon started seeing the benefits of doing yoga for her surfing.  Curious? Then read Emily’s blog below.


Emily in Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Photo by MI OLA team rider Kristen M. Brown, Samba to the Sea Photography @sambatothesea

Originally from Maryland, Emily started surfing when she was 14 at Fenwick Island in Delaware. After trying out the New York City corporate world for a couple of years, she quit her job and moved to Charleston to teach yoga. Several visits to Costa Rica earlier this year influenced Emily to pack her bags and move to Tamarindo in September so that she could practice yoga AND surf every day. She is currently working at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, spearheading their new women’s surf retreat program. 

Why Yoga Helps Your Surfing

by Emily Shoemaker

If you have already tried yoga, chances are you are familiar with its countless benefits. This post is not for you.

This is for the surfer who would rather be landlocked than try a yoga class. I used to walk in your shoes. I had zero interest in chanting, deep-breathing and holding intense stretches for too long.  I mean, can someone get that guy in the see-through yoga pants a pair of board shorts please? And what is that chanting all about?! I already had surfing to keep me in shape, so what was the point?

About eight years into my love affair with surfing, my roommate dragged me to my first yoga class. The studio was running a super cheap deal and I signed up. My first class was anything but graceful. But to be economical, I went back the next day. And the next day.


Photo by Leonardo Pinero

After a week of carving out time everyday for yoga, I noticed a difference in my surfing. My arms were stronger. Paddling was easier. My duck dives were deeper. I could move faster. I was much more flexible, with a whole new range of motion in my shoulders, hips, and spine. I could even ground my feet on my board and find my center of gravity more quickly. I also became more patient.

Over time, I noticed the most obvious benefit – my lung capacity seemed to increase allowing for me to hold my breath longer. At the end of my first month of practicing yoga, those benefits only increased. I have always exercised (I was even an avid runner), but nothing seemed to improve my overall physical condition for life the way that yoga did. I was hooked.

Because you are a surfer, you already have more of the building blocks for yoga than most people. You already love being in the present moment, you know how to control your breath, you find connection to joy through physical movement, and you literally like to go with the flow. The position your body is in while you’re paddling is even a pose: Locust. The muscles you use to pop up are the same ones used to transition from the back of your yoga mat to the front. That shape you are make while you are standing on your board? It’s called Warrior Two.

You get the point.

Let’s face it: The most challenging part of being a surfer is that some days, life happens and you can’t make it into the water during daylight hours. Or maybe surf conditions don’t allow you to do your favorite activity for days or even weeks at a time. Take it from a surfer who lived in Charleston, South Carolina for a long time.  Some days you can’t surf! It’s a wonderful thing to have a practice that allows you to improve your surfing no matter what the conditions of the surf or your life provide.

So there, we dare you to sign up for a beginner’s yoga class to see what all the hype is all about!





What makes us get up and #getoutthere?

We created MI OLA with 2 goals.

1) To revolutionize swimwear by making dreamy, quality bikinis that look fabulous and stay on, and

2) To make a positive impact on the world.

While working hard, listening to our consumers and sweating bullets to make this happen we’ve achieved something even more exciting.  We’ve energized a movement of radical  women, who get out there every day, who are more comfortable in the water than out, and who want positivity…at  all costs. This is our tribe… and this is our Manifesto.

Some of our Tribe.

A few of our tribe.

We jump, dive, run in. No inching in for us or using the stairs.

100% committed.

NO    P L A N    B.

We create waves in the water, kick up the sand, run up hills, climb mountains, hike across valleys and sparkle in cities around the world alike.

Our mermaids and sirens sing with joy as they Chase more. Do more. Be more. Our goal is for all women to embrace a more confident day and self wearing MI OLA

Always dreaming, thinking, imagining. But WE never sit still. Each day WE rise to ‘Get Out There’.

More Disruption.    More Influence.        More Action.

We design our products using innovative materials that last. No tugging. No yanking. No adjusting. No pulling. Everything we make is appealing and functional.  If you can’t use it WE lose it.

We are revolutionizing, re-inventing the swimwear game, so you can do more of what you love.  Less stress. Less fuss. More FUN!

This isn’t a dress rehearsal.  It’s a MOVEMENT.

A lifestyle for women who seek adventure.

A voice for women that fight for freedom.  A vehicle for women to embrace transparency & honesty.

Think for 1 moment how much power you have, and what you can do with it.

Now go and inspire us.

You think we’re not afraid? You bet we are.

We embrace the fear and jump anyway.



We LOVE Boobs!

We are at it again! October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and here at MI OLA we are participating once again with the Keep A Breast #checkyourselfie campaign.  Why? Because early detection of breast cancer is key – in fact, according to the National Cancer Institute, “When breast cancer is detected in early, in the localized stage, the 5-year rate of survival is 98%.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 1.09.38 PM

So what is this #checkyourselfie campaign all about and how is MI OLA getting involved? It’s simple – the MI OLA mermaids are taking the pledge to do a monthly breast self-check because knowing what”normal” feels on our boobies is the importance of early detection. To make it even easier, Keep A Breast even has an app that we are downloading to our mobile phones to remind us to do our self checks!

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 12.46.00 PM

AND because we love your boobs too (come on, that’s why our MI OLA bikinis are made to STAY ON and keep your boobies covered!!), we would LOVE if you joined our campaign too! Take the #checkyourselfie pledge and show us – go out and take a selfie like the ones from our MI OLA Brand Ambassadors below and if we use your photo on the MI OLA Facebook page or Instagram we will send you a special discount code!







MI OLAdventure

We live the MI OLA life – most of the time.

But sometimes our mission – to revolutionize the world of bikinis –  means we spend less time playing outside, and more time inside, designing.   Yes, we’re inside, with our windows wide open, tropical breezes, and monkeys making noise when we’re on important conference calls.   It could be much worse, but we’re not surfing every minute.  We swear!   Really.   When we’re in a work crunch, our awesome MI OLA Brand Ambassadors inspire us with all of their adventures as they #getoutthere!!

@ayeboulet in Lake Tahoe

@ayeboulet in Lake Tahoe

In May, we asked our ambassadors to show us all of their adventures via Instagram.  We are so stoked for what we got to experience through their eyes! From underwater diving in Australia, surfing in Norway, exploring in Moorea, to hanstanding in India, our ambassadors certainly have us green with envy with all of their adventures. Click here to check it out!

We would love to see how you #mioladventure …tag us in your next with your MI OLA suit with hashtag “#mioladventure” and if we use your photo we will send you a discount code! AND to get inspired every day by our MI OLA team, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 5.05.20 PM

@mermaidclara in Bali

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 5.04.27 PM

@babeinthewaves in Moorea

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 5.03.44 PM

@artemis_eleven in Australia

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 5.02.41 PM

@mermanda_ in India

@insta_susi in Norway

@insta_susi in Norway

@insta_susi in Norway

@yokeens in the Outer Banks

@meredithdrangin in Colorado

@meredithdrangin in Colorado


Kickoff to Summer!

H-O-L-A Summer! Where have you been hiding?! After what seems like months of snow and cold weather, we are ever so excited to be frolicking with you again! Since this weekend is the official kickoff to Summer with Memorial Day on Monday, we did a little Pinterest roundup of Summer to-dos, recipes (we are salivating over those Smore Bites), Summer reads, beauty products, and of course some beach fashion (like a sexy MI OLA one piece)!

Pinterest Roundup


AND, since Memorial Day is not just a three day holiday weekend, but a day we remember the men and women who have fought for America, let’s honor them. Thank you for keeping America the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Ok, now you can go click away and check out our finds! And remember…


You scream. I scream. We all scream for sunscreen. Courtesy of one of our favorite bloggers Rebekah Steen at Goldfish Kiss.