#GetOutThere Guide: El Yunque Rainforest Hike, Puerto Rico

For this month’s #GetOutThereGuide, we’re catching up with MI OLA Ambassador Andrea – @vitiviti . Her favorite activities include free-diving (40 feet), surfing, fishing, lobstering and playing in the waves. On the turf, she is doing yoga and exploring the outdoors.

One of her favorite hikes is to La Roca in El Yunque rainforest in Puerto Rico.

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Photo by MI OLA Ambassador Andrea – @vitiviti in our Pin Up Top and Striped  Boyshort

#GetOutThere Guide: El Yunque Rainforest Hike

I love the ocean. I can spend an entire day lounging on the warm sand, snorkeling a reef, or surfing the day away. Unfortunately, spring time in Puerto Rico usually means it rains a lot. Almost every single day.

One of my favorite rainy day activities, is hiking up the “El Yunque Rainforest” in search of La Roca, known to have the most amazing views. You feel as if you are literally on top of the world.

View from La Roca El Yunque

Photo by Marfeus Murf

The Hike:
From the parking lot, the trail takes you to Mt. Britton, which you should definitely check out if you have the energy and time. It is a very steep, slippery trail so it’s important non-slip hiking shoes are worn.

Hiking El Yunque

Photo by MI OLA Ambassador Andrea – @vitiviti

The first part of this trail will end on Forest Service Road 10. Once you get to this road you can follow the signs to Mt. Britton, which will lead you to “El Yunque Trail”. From here you can then find your way to La Roca.

El Yunque Hike Map

Photo by MI OLA Ambassador Andrea – @mermaid.drea

Look out for signs for “Los Picachos” and “El Yunque Peak,”. If you have time, check out these spots too.

The overall hike is a bit challenging since as it’s a steep uphill climb, but many have done it. The goal of this hike is to reach the clouds.

Roundtrip the hike will take about four hours. When you finally reach the top you’ll enjoy the cold air from the mountains to cool you off! And on the way down, you get another refreshing reward:  ice cold waterfalls to cool off in.

Photo by MI OLA Ambassador Andrea - @mermaid.drea

Photo by MI OLA Ambassador Andrea – @vitiviti

After you’ve finished your hike, be sure to check out La Mina waterfall. It is very easy to get to as there are marked signs. There is a stairway that takes you down and the walk is about 30 minutes.

Waterfalls El Yunque

Photo by MI OLA Ambassador Andrea – @vitiviti in our Casita Boythong and Pin Up Top

What to bring:
Good non-slip hiking shoes, and athletic gear.  Pack your MI OLA BIKINI – you’re gonna need it. Also pack a bag with drinks, snacks, a towel, and a light jacket. Bring water and more water. But if you don’t want to lug about heavy bottles, El Yunque has mini waterfalls everywhere, where you can get a refill.
Bring something dry and comfortable you can change into after your play day in El Yunque.

Hike El Yunque

Photo by MI OLA Ambassador – @vitiviti

Where to stay:
Although you are able to camp in the rainforest itself, I don’t recommend staying there. Tourists are better off going back to their hotel.

Apres Hike:
Eat at “La Parilla” located in the Luquillo Kiosks (it is kiosk #2). Relax in front of the beach with an ice-cold Medalla (our local beer) and and hot plate of deliciousness. A parade of food and drink kiosks, you have tons of options to sample local delicacies. You will not be disappointed.

How to #GetOutThere:
El Yunque is about a 45 min drive from San Juan. Take PR-26 until you see the exit for PR-66. Follow signs to get on road #3 South. Keep right to continue on #3 S and then on the third cross street you will make a right onto PR-191.

Once you get into the Rainforest the drive up the mountain becomes very windy with blind bends, so drive with extreme caution.

It is customary to honk your horn when driving up a bend to let other drivers know you are there. After driving for about 20 minutes you will come to a one-way roundabout. Bear to the right (road 930), where you will find a parking lot.

There is only one trail into the forest from here.


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