Mi Ola and GoodPeople

Two months ago we were introduced to a company called GoodPeople. At first glance the GoodPeople website looked like a lot of the other e-commerce sites popping up out there. After reading the GoodPeople manifesto, we soon realized that this company was different. Different in a good way. Different like Mi Ola.

Here at GoodPeople, we are trying really hard to do our part. We’ve built a social marketplace that will empower brands and people to be more sustainable and socially responsible.

GoodPeople fosters a community of people that take risks and companies that push the boundaries with their innovative products. We were quite stoked when Mi Ola was asked to be apart of their online e-commerce community. For us, it was a natural fit; we design functional AND sexy bikinis that stay on and keep up with us as we surf, do yoga, play volleyball, or cannonball into a pool.

Designing an innovative product means lots of product testing, going back to the drawing board, and support from our awesome customers. Mi Ola does cost a little bit more than your average bikini, but then again Mi Ola is not just any bikini. We do not take shortcuts.  All of our suits are made in the USA using high-quality materials and sharp tailoring. Our bikinis stay on and are made to last longer.

We have come so far since designing our first prototype bikini two years ago, but we also have so much more ground to cover! We are proud to work with a community of like minded people.

GoodPeople does not measure success in dollar signs. We see happy, healthy people following their passions and giving back to their communities as an indicator of our success. We support sustainable businesses, nonprofits, and a healthy environment. This is the place to share that special part of you the world needs to know about. It is a place where you will be heard. It is a place to meet people like you who embrace this active lifestyle and live the GoodLife.

Pura Vida.

Mi Ola