Our Top Winter Surf Destinations

Brrrrrr, with winter upon us, are you dreaming of a surf vacation to warmer waters? Us too! Our tropical home base just so happens to be Costa Rica, but we also have eyes on some awesome surf breaks around the world. Check out our top winter surf destinations below!

Burgau, Portugal
The Algarve is the southernmost region of continental Portugal and it is the perfect year round surf destination with excellent waves and fantastic weather. It has two coasts, west coast and south coast, so you are able to find waves somewhere every day! Normally, the West Coast receives the majority of the swell, especially in summer. And when it gets really big, the South Coast starts working too. Check out our surf guide to Burgau!

Surf-Guide-Burgau-MI-OLA 1

Photo by MI OLA Ambassador Giulia – @giuliamanfrini

El Salvador
El Salvador nicely stretches along the Pacific coast for about 200 miles. The coast has beautiful beaches with magnificent, clean point breaks that are mostly right handers. The climate is tropical and you can surf in warm water the whole year — heck yea to packing all of your MI OLA bikinis! Check out our surf guide to El Salvador!


Photo by MI OLA Ambassador Verena – @laa_sirenaa

Morocco boasts waves all year round, but the better, bigger waves are found in the winter months November-March. Even though the water temperatures require a wetsuit during the winter months, the air temperatures are warm and a really nice break from freezing cold temperatures! Check out our surf guide to Morocco!


MI OLA Ambassador Susi – @insta_susi Photograph by @kkbrunvaer

Have you ever dreamed of visiting to Tahiti? How about surfing Tahiti? It’s on our bucket list, for sure. The best spots in Tahiti during the North swells, November – March. Warm water, gorgeous scenery, and awesome waves — we’re purchasing our plane tickets right now!


Photo by MI OLA Ambassador Elise- @babeinthewaves

Costa Rica!
You didn’t think we’d leave out our tropical home base, did ya?! The surf in Costa Rica is very diverse.  Just about, every two miles there is another beach – and another surf spot. The surf pretty much goes all the way down to Panama. There are waves for all levels, from beginner to advanced, and there are beach breaks, point breaks, reefs, and river mouths. You can surf various spots all in one day. AND it’s MI OLA bikini weather year round! Check out our surf guides to Tamarindo, Playa Grande, Avellanas, and Guiones.


AND just in case you can’t escape, check out our top tips to surfing in cold water! Go on and #getoutthere!


Photo by MI OLA Ambassador Susi – @insta_susi