Surf Guide Bukit, Bali

 We are kicking off our 2017 Surf Guides with our dream destination – BALI.  MI OLA brand ambassador Giulia (@guiliamanfrini) loves to visit Bali whenever she can and we caught up with her recently to find out the bests spots to surf in Bali. Start packing your bikinis now, because after reading this guide, you’ll want to hop on the next plane!
Bali is known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs, as well as yoga retreats.  Most of Indonesia is Muslim, however Bali is actually more Hindu than Muslim.  It is legal to drink in Bali, but drugs are illegal.  If someone is caught with drugs, they will be go to jail. (They even have a death sentence for drugs.) The rainy season is November – March.

MI OLA Ambassador Giulia – @giuliamanfrini rippin’ in Cosata Rica while visiting MI OLA’s headquarters last year.

Location: The Bukit, Bali, Indonesia
Bali is a classic tropical surf location where Southeast-Asian culture perfectly mixes with western society. My favorite place in Bali is The Bukit, the small peninsula on the south end of the island. The Bukit offers western comforts, with mostly everything you may need, but it’s also still very Indonesian if you’re keen to explore around riding your motorbike. The Bukit also offers a great variety of surf spots!

Map courtesy of GHM Hotels

Where to surf:
 Green Ball: This is my favorite spot in The Bukit! Green Ball works mainly in the wet season during low tide. To access this wave, park your scooter on the cliff (watch out for the monkeys because they love to steal!) and you walk down 350 steps. Green Ball is a white coral beach with caves. To reach the wave, it is a 15 minute paddle in the channel. Green Ball is a perfect left on one side and a perfect right on the other, breaking over coral reef in crystal water. Choose your wave and enjoy the ride!
Padang Padang: Big, heavy barrels and only for expert surfers. It’s the most dangerous and hollowest wave in Bukit. Expert surfers get barreled in the take off, pick up speed in the next section, and then barreled again!
Uluwatu: The WAVE!!! It’s an epic left hander, barrels and plenty of peaks (the Temple, the Corners, Racetracks and the Peak). Walk out the famous cave and let the strong current bring you to the line up. Surf the waves of your life, but be careful not to end up drifting in the current otherwise you’ll end up in Padang Padang.

Famous Uluwatu! Photo by MI OLA Ambassador Giulia – @giuliamanfrini

Balangan: Reef break, left hander, fast and not easy wave, sometimes barrels. Best at mid tide.
Dreamland: Beach break, left and right. There are two waves, the inside wave and the outside wave. Good at low tide and with big swells.
Bingin: Reef break, left hander, fast short barrel. Best at mid tide. Be careful in the inside as it’s very shallow. Don’t surf when the tide is too low.
Impossible: Reef break, hollow and powerful left hander, good at low tide. Barreling, long amazing wave.
Nusa Dua – Geger: Powerful right hander and is far paddle from land – sometimes it can takes up to 40 minutes to paddle out! When everywhere else is small, Geger still has a really good size.
These are just the main spots, but there are many more just to discover! :)
When to surf:
The best season (when the bigger swells arrive on the West Coast) is from May through October, with offshore winds from east. The famous left handers of Uluwatu and Padang Padang work perfectly and are absolutely epic. But don’t underestimate the wet season, when you can still surf amazing waves both on the West and East Coast with fewer crowds!

Uluwatu The Temple. Photo by MI OLA Ambassador Giulia – @giuliamanfrini

Wear booties, put on a lot of suncreen, wear your MI OLA rash guard, surf with a hat (if you can), have a good leash, and respect the lineup in the water! Most of all, have fun! :)
If you are like me and you like to travel with your own quiver, fly with an airline that doesn’t charge for surfboards. However, there are a ton of shapers everywhere in Bali so you can buy or rent a board easily. Maybe you even will go back home with a couple of boards!
Crowd Factor:
It can get pretty crowded at the main breaks during high season, so get up a early for dawn patrol! During low rainy season you can have a solo session on perfect Indonesian waves!
Water temperature:
The water is warm all year round! Bring your MI OLA bikinis with you!!! From July through September there are strong offshore winds, which can cool the air temperatures – – perfect for wearing your MI OLA Rashguard. :)
How to get there + Where to stay:
There is an international airport in Denpasar. When I go to Bali, I stay in Balangan at “Vertical House”, a lovely spot owned by an Italian family. Riccardo and Stefania have put a lot of love and effort to build the house. They are always happy to show you around, paddle out with you, or organize an amazing fish BBQ!
Apres Surf:
Surfers love to party in The Bukit! If you are looking for awesome sunsets, fresh cocktails and good music, don’t miss Single Fin in Uluwatu. All the surfers in The Bukit meet there on Wednesdays and Sundays, with live music and a DJ. Thursdays are reggae night at Cashew Tree, on top of Bingin Hill. On Fridays there is a beach party in Padang Padang. Every day is a good day to go out in Bali, but take it easy or you will miss surfing the next day!

A-Frame peak breaking at Uluwatu. Photo by MI OLA Ambassador Giulia – @giuliamanfrini

Other activities to do besides surf:
Rent a scooter and explore the area! You can discover untouched beaches, go for a snorkel, visit the amazing Uluwatu Temple, or relax in one of the hundreds warungs (Indonesia family owned small restaurant) at the beach enjoying a cold Bintang, the local beer. If you are a massage lover or need a post-surf massage, Bali is the best place to be! There are cheap massage centers everywhere in Bali! And of course one of my favorite things to do in Bali is EAT, EAT, and EAT! There is street food and nice local restaurants everywhere. Be sure not to miss having lunch at the fish market (Ikan Pasar) in Jimbaran. At the market, pick the fish you’d like to eat and ask the women outside the market to put in on their grill with the special sauces!