What a Beach Vacation can do for your Soul

We know that a beach vacation works wonders on our soul, and can potentially completely change your life.

After all, we have an entire Beach Lifestyle section for our brand to help inspire you and other empowered women. Trigger warning: you will start packing your bikinis after reading this article because life changes are waiting for you –  at the beach.  

Here’s what a beach vacation can do for you:


Photo by MI OLA Ambassador Ellen- @artemis_eleven


  1. Get Present
    Mindfulness is great. Being present and unplugged is even better. If you’re like most people, technology has taken over your life. You’re scrolling through Instagram comparing your life to other people’s lives, when you want to give your brain a break. You know what’s better?  Actually stepping away from all your devices, being still, listening, sensing, breathing, and experiencing what’s going on around you and within you. What better place to do that than on the beach?mi-ola-mermaid-2
    Beach vacations can bring you serenity, or just put you in touch with what’s going on inside.If you’re looking for luxury minus your laptop, consider traveling to a remote area where it’s difficult to get wifi or visiting a luxury resort where they take away your phones. You may need to go international to find these spots, or do a bit of research to find them in the US.  Places like Little Palm Island make sure that telephones and televisions are intentionally absent from their suites to enhance your experience. When checking messages becomes a social faux pas, it’s much easier to stay unplugged and escape the grid.
  1. Boost Your Mood
    Sunlight, blue skies, and the sea boost your Vitamin D. And according to Conde Nast Traveler and all of our team, being near water makes you happier. When you’re in a peaceful place, staring out at the ocean, your body and mind can find hope and renewal. Away from your usual frenetic schedule, your mood will lift, and you’ll feel inspired.

    Photo by MI OLA Ambassador Jen- @flentil


    The memories, inspiration, and exposure to a different ways of life stick around, just like the sand you’ll find in your suitcase. As the saying goes, “You can shake the sand from your shoes, but not from your soul.” If you’re looking for a cool spot to visit, check out our surf guide to Morocco.


Photo by MI OLA Ambassador Susi- @insta_susi

  1. Get Deep (Sleep)
    Daily stress often leads to sleep deprivation, which can then mess up the hormones that regulate hunger. It’s a vicious downward spiral from here, and high-quality snoozing could have prevented it all. Sleeping at the beach doesn’t just happen because you’re on vacation. It’s much easier to fall asleep and to stay asleep when the sound of waves soothe you.  While you’re at it, take as many naps as you like.  You’re on vacation.

    Photo by MI OLA Ambassador Maryann – @Maryann_its_not_a_3hrtour

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