Creating Simple Rituals + Routines for Wellness

December 22, 2018

With the holiday season in full swing, it's hard to not get caught up with non-stop running around, from shopping to holiday parties. That's why it's even more important to take a step back and take time for ourselves! We chatted with brand ambassador Briana to get her tips for creating simple rituals + routines for wellness -- read on below for her helpful insight!

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Balancing an Active Lifestyle

I’ve just wrapped up a ten day mid-holiday season group practice and am moving into the second half of the holiday season with an acknowledgment for the important of self care. For ten days, myself and a dozen women reset our routines for the sake of well being.

When we talk about self care, most people think about a massage, a nice bath, or flowers. But one aspect of self care that I have been focused on for the past 6+ months is centered around creating simple rituals/ routines that prioritize small pockets of time each day. In this space that you carve out, you can incorporate a range of practices that create well being. And what better time of year to create this for yourself then right now- holiday season, approaching a new year. 

Most of us are moving swiftly between waking and working and sleeping. We have an overflow of stimuli and most of us find little time to slow down. It was about 6 months ago that I felt constant movement in my life, rushing from one thing to the next. And I thought, ‘rushing doesn’t feel good, it robs me of my energy and focus.’ I knew I needed to create space in my life, space for slowing down, assimilating, and simply being.

There is a Japanese word ‘yutori’ that communicates the concept of living with spaciousness. I understand this as the space we give ourselves throughout each day. If our days are filled to the brim with to-do’s and obligations, we are left with very little space to simple be. It is in this space of simply being that we are able to dive in to our creativity, self reflect, slow down, ponder or dream. Yutori inspired action. 



Creating Simple Rituals + Routines for Wellness:

Here are some simple ideas that you can begin to incorporate into each day. Think of these practices as a way to be in your body, to slow down, to become aware of your thoughts and feelings, and a space to create well being for yourself. Start small with 1-3 practices, for 10-20 minutes each morning, before you start your day. If mornings don’t work well, consider assigning these rituals to your evening, as you close the day.

Stretch: This can be as fluid as yoga or as static as legs up the wall. Let this be a simple way to check in with your body.


Breathe: Either a short walk or a brief sitting meditation. Let this be a moment to feel your breathe, center your thoughts, and feel grounded. 

Warmth:  Tea or coffee, create a ritual around this so that it becomes a special part of your day. In the space of this practice notice the aroma of your freshly ground coffee, the warmth of steaming milk or water, the feeling of your favorite mug between your hands. Take your time.

Reflect: This is the perfect opportunity to assimilate, to dream, to plan, to set goals. Grab a journal or some paints, get creative and feel inspired to gain clarity on where you are.




These practices are simple and intended to create a foundation of well being. Over time, my set of rituals has expanded to about five practices I aim to incorporate into each and every morning. I move slowly in to a state of wakefulness by creating space for these practices. Before I look at my phone, check my email, or rush off to work, I am sure to practice a few good things that will set the tone for my day. And in this spaciousness, I create clarity and calm for the rest of my pursuits.

Be well.




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