How to Stay Fit and Motivated - in the Dead of Winter.

January 16, 2019

Hello winter!

As much as we love being outside during the summer, getting out there during the winter can be fun too...if you're prepared! We chatted with brand ambassador Briana to get her tips for a training regimen, from staying fit over winter, setting goals, and staying on track.



Whether you are training for a marathon or working on your fitness, getting out there in winter conditions isn’t always easy. By the time December rolls around, our summer tans have worn away and our warm layers are piled on. We move from months of sunshine and warmth, to rain, snow, below freezing temperatures, brisk wind, and sometimes days without really seeing the sun. Depending on where you live, the conditions may vary, but winter doesn’t have to mean that your fitness gets buried under the snow.

Hibernation and rest are quite nice during the coldest months.  But your (year-round) active lifestyle will thank you if you can keep up the motivation through winter. 


This year, I’ve set some ambitious spring goals to help me stay focused through winter. I’ve partnered with a coach and set up a training plan for 6 days a week of activity, so I've figured out how to find joy in 10 degree weather. Here are my tips:

Create a plan:
What are your goals - maintaining fitness, preparing for a race, or navigating a stress-filled routine? How many days a week would you like to be active?


Inside or outside?:
Being active doesn't mean braving the elements outside. There are so many options for indoor fitness - gyms, recreation centers, hot spring lap pools, cycling classes, yoga classes, online fitness programs, bike stands, and pilates. The options are extensive.

And if you prefer to be outside in the crisp air, winter activities could include running, cycling, ice climbing, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, ice skating, and more.


Dress appropriately:
If you have opted to be indoors, the controlled climate should be predictable to plan for. If you're going outside, layer up, but don’t over do it.

Some recommend starting cold, since you are going to warm up with movement. I recommend using multiple layers to keep the muscles warm at all times but with ease to adjust as needed. Your temperature (and the conditions) will change, so plan accordingly.

*Check our our guide to winter running and SUPing here!*

Cold temperatures affect our thirst and our water loss. Drink as much or more water than you would during regular activity in moderate temperatures. If drinking water feels like a challenge, consider tea as a nice warm alternative to help keep you hydrated. 

Be accountable
You’ve set your goals, you have a plan, you’ve got the right gear, now find a friend or a coach to help you remain accountable. I log my training daily to keep track and I have a daily schedule that my coach is holding me to.

Alright, now get moving. We know it's easy to sink into the couch and hibernate, but you'll feel so much better after you've earned it.  Get out there and have some fun. 

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